Elephant in the room

Pray. Eat. Travel. Fun.



Let your heart touch the sky when your knees hit the ground.


Red Roses

The rain was begging to fall. Continue reading “Red Roses”


You have many holes. Continue reading “Holes”

Why the drama?


Back when I was a kid, my fascination for heartaches and abrupt endings was already evident in my measly writing. My style verged on drama and life ironies, which always left me wondering and wondering. Continue reading “Why the drama?”

Here and now


“I decided to do volunteer work for the less fortunate children by helping out in selling educational books that would stimulate their reading skills and writing passion.”

Continue reading “Here and now”

Dream Horizon

open horizonThere is a multitude of horizons out there- waiting to be explored and experienced. There are many doors to be unlocked and even more possibilities in every turn. All we need are open minds and brave hearts to step into the ocean and plunge into the vast unknown. Although part of our consciousness knows what to expect, we still hold on to the belief that greener pastures await on the other side.

Continue reading “Dream Horizon”

Love under scrutiny

True love knows no bounds; it covers no limits. In a way, true love is the closest thing to magic- minus the flying carpet. However, most of the time, true love takes the long route and people follow the shorter easier path instead. This leads to heart break and the possibility of missing true love on the way. There are times that true love may come in the wrongest forms possible- it may be true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean right.

Continue reading “Love under scrutiny”

Cages within Cages

We are never truly free.

Our hands are cuffed in anxiety.

Our feet bound with tight schedules.

Sometimes we are lifted upside down-

to see the floors, the dirt where we stand. Continue reading “Cages within Cages”

Corporate Realities

Reality leaves scars. It bites, generates a constant itch and an awful bump on your skin. Eventually it will recede, but the healing process is a throbbing that always tries to steal your attention. However, unlike an itch, reality never heals. It will always be there- a reminder of mistakes, hard truths and possibilities.

Continue reading “Corporate Realities”

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