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Frolicking in the Queen City of the South

Cebu city is the Philippines’s Queen City of the South. Who wouldn’t consider this marvelous island as the Queen, when it boasts of it’s lively city and white sand beaches? Continue reading “Frolicking in the Queen City of the South”


Travel Itinerary: Into the Urban Jungle

The capital is made of steel streets and tottering skyscrapers. It is an urban jungle to behold! Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: Into the Urban Jungle”

Food Panorama

It’s been a languid but holy week so far, and the weekends has more promises in store. Continue reading “Food Panorama”

Travel Itinerary: City of Waterfalls

The seamless cascade of water from a high elevation to an otherwise peaceful body of water is an apple to weary eyes. Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: City of Waterfalls”

Travel Itinerary: Divine Mercy

Every now and then, we long for the tranquility offered by the province. Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: Divine Mercy”

Travel Itinerary: Lake Apo

Bukidnon has many beautiful spots to offer. Its sprawling green landscape and low temperature give off relaxation vibes for weary travelers. Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: Lake Apo”

Travel Itinerary: Forest Adventure


Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers would love to spend a getaway trip on Bukidnon’s Dahilayan Adventure Park. Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: Forest Adventure”

Food binge: Badness Overload


Food always takes me to a different level of euphoria. More so if the delicacy takes goodness to an extreme height, that it’d be bad to get hooked to it. Continue reading “Food binge: Badness Overload”

Food Binge: A Pre-valentine Wingding

foody blog

God feeds the soul while food feeds the heart.  Continue reading “Food Binge: A Pre-valentine Wingding”

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