The capital is made of steel streets and tottering skyscrapers. It is an urban jungle to behold!

Last July 3, I and my friends spent our weekend at Manila City, Philippines. It was my first time visiting the urban jungle of our capital and what I saw there did not fail nor exceed my expectations of a thriving metropolitan. The city I grew up in may be a few years behind the architecture, population and innovation of Manila- however, it is also a few steps behind heavy traffic, pollution and extreme heat. Therefore, I wouldn’t trade Cagayan de Oro city as my hometown to the bustling urban mesh that is Manila.



We stayed at a rustic condo at Victoria’s in Malate. At night, we walked the streets of Roxas and some of the kinky areas nearby, although we’ve never ventured into any suspicious bar for that matter. We downloaded Uber App into our mobiles for easier transport.


Our 2-day sojourn to the capital has led us to popular malls and other impressive cities. One of these cities is Makati. We wanted to experience Live Rooms, so we went for Mystery Manila at Century Mall, Makati.


The photo above was taken while we were waiting for slow traffic to move. Makati has high towers dotting its manicured landscape. We spent some of our time admiring the busy streets and the towering infrastructure.

Last on our list of tourist-populated sights in the city is the Venice Canal in Taguig. Here, we had a glimpse of French designs and a replica of the Canal in Venice itself.



That’s it for our brief tour in the capital. Till next time!